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  • My husband and I ventured out on the LLYMI 2018. We both feel like our time on the cruise was meaningful and worth it. We learned so much about our marriage and eachother. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day things in our life. For us, we are both high peace people and we never wanted to hurt the other persons feelings so we stuffed a lot of problems under the rug. We learned so many amazing things to help us in our marriage. Our biggest take away...your spouse is not your enemy. They are your gift from God! Just think about that for a minute. If we remember that, the enemy has a harder time working against you. We learned to pray together, and that intimacy is great when your hearts are open to Gods calling on your marriage! We work better now as a team and because of it, our family is just closer. We can’t wait to set sail again, and invest some more time I. Our marriage! Thank you family life, for helping to grow my marriage! We are forever blessed!
    Becky H. - Custer,WI
  • Every time we cruise- our “friends list” gets bigger and bigger. Love getting a true glimpse of eternity with others-cruising is such an amazing experience with couples!
    Johnny and Sher Buiskool - Kalamazoo, MI
  • Two years ago, we were encouraged to experience the LLYMI Marriage Cruise by our friends Nancy and Carlos who have been part of it for the past 5 yrs. Last year we encouraged a couple from our church (Mike and Jackie) to join us and they are coming again this year! It looks like this is going to be our annual vacation getaway! The LLYMI Cruise is a MUST, at least once, for every couple who is serious about strengthening their relationship with God and with each other. Everything about this cruise breathes JESUS and quite frankly, you can't have a better vacation and spiritual refreshing than that! Thank you, Family Life. BTW, we are the couple who dress alike at least once a day. We are already getting our new wardrobe ready! ;-)
    Joe and Maribel Rodriguez - Belleville, New Jersey
  • Don't think of this cruise as just another expensive vacation but rather think of it as an investment, a rock solid investment in which you can be guaranteed long lasting rewards. Your marriage is worth investing in and we highly recommend this cruise to any and all couples. So much so that we would go so far to say that every married couple needs to experience this for themselves. It is unlike any other vacation/cruise you have ever experienced. The atmosphere, the music, the teaching, the concerts, the laughter, the destinations, the food, the relaxing, the fun, the friendships made with other believers along with the renewed connection between you and your spouse all wrapped up with God in the center of it.... makes for one unforgettable getaway! 2018 was our first time going and I'm beyond excited to be booked again for 2019. There is no other vacation I'd rather choose, simply's like a little taste of heaven. If you find yourself thinking it's beyond your budget, dare to ask and believe God for the ability to go...I did. He is very much interested in the health of your marriage, as a matter of fact He's the designer of it all and I'm sure He is pleased to see His children enjoying marriage exactly as He intended. Thank You Family Life for all the effort and prayers put into planning this phenomenal cruise for married couples.
    Jennifer and Joel Chase - British Columbia, Canada
  • We had never been on a cruise before nor had we traveled outside of California much. There was a bit of fear to be out on the icean but that faded quickly. Everyone we met was shocked to find out we traveled so far to experience this. It was so worth every mile, hour, penny! The llymi marriage cruise is the greatest and best investment we've made for our marriage so far. No only did we feel like we were on a real vacation but it was so intimate, filled with opportunities for us to reconnect and relax. No cell phones, no work, no chores, no interferences for all that God had planned. We loved being around other believers, focused on improving their marriage. Everyone was so friendly. Lord willing, we will see you all on the 2019 LLYMI cruise. Reservations have been made!
    Alton & Crystal Youngblood - Fresno, CA
  • Love being on the cruise for valentine.. We went to the steak house restaurant, the ambience was so romantic. We joined a Latin dance class. We had a lot of fun dancing on the Lido deck! So much more!! So worth it!!
    Carolyn Rivera - Trumbull, CT
  • My wife and I had such an amazing time. The speakers were great. The itinerary was jammed pack with things to do. We got closer to God and our marriage is that much stronger. Thank you Family Life.
    Edwin and Rose - Connecticut
  • We really enjoyed the time to get away from the busyness of life to reconnect with each other and to openly discuss some of the challenges and issues we've been having without distractions. Being able to enjoy warm weather on the beautiful islands and spending uninterrupted time on the sandy beaches was very relaxing. All of the speakers' messages, concerts, dramatic theater, comedies were very encouraging too!! The 24 hrs of availability to yummy food was an option that we didn't get to carried away with. Lol! Each day we were given surprise gifts outside our cabin door from the Family Life team to inspire us to reconnect as a couple and have fun!! The FamilyLife ministry team really stepped in with prayers and ongoing encouragement throughout as we laughed, cried, prayed and allowed the Lord to renew our hope in Him for our marriage and each other. We really look forward to attending each year and knowing this is one of our special times to get away to refresh, refocus and reconnect"
    Terrell and Kenya Perkins - Greensboro, NC
  • In 2011 our marriage was severely broken. After enhanced counselling, many books, and a refocus - we are stronger than ever thanks to prayer, forgiveness, redefined love, and wanting to just please the Lord. FLT was and still is a great influence is our marriage growth and after 5 LLYMI cruises, its a superior way to intentionally strengthen the "fade" that so easily happens. Teaching the AofM (FLT curriculum) in our church for 6 or 7 times now - it reconfirms that you cannot just coast in God's most important earthly relationship. Invest - you won't be sorry! Had a blast this year - one of our best so far.
    David and Pamela Yost - Roanoke, VA
  • My husband and I just celebrated our 20 year anniversary. We owe many thanks to the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. Last October, we were not sure where our marriage was headed and the seminars we attended on the cruise made it possible for us to reconnect on a level we never thought possible. We are booked for next year and excited about learning more to help strenghten our marriage.
    Shawn and Brandi - Richlands, NC
  • Last year was the second year we attend the cruise and we will be coming again this next year, so far with two more couples attending with us. My husband Brent and I have now been married for 15 years and the last few years we have struggled with major issues which had lead us both to file for divorce. I think it becomes hard once your children are grown and your parents are aging and you look at each other and wonder, "What now?" As a woman I had spent years focused on everything other than me or my husband that when left with us, I was lost! This cruise saved our marriage and gave us both a chance to focus on each other and helped us to realize that no matter what we face in life as long as we focus our eyes on God together we can do anything!
    Brent & Danie Edwards - Adams, TN
  • This was our first cruise ever and we LOVED it!! We are booked for next year!!
    The McDonalds - Salem, OR