D. A. Horton is currently living in Los Angeles, CA where he recently planted a new church Reach Fellowship. Prior to planting Reach Fellowship, D.A. served as the national coordinator of Urban Student Missions at the North American Mission Board and also as the executive director for ReachLife Ministries, the nonprofit ministry of Reach Records. He pastored in Kansas City for nearly six years.

D. A. earned his bachelor’s degree in biblical studies at Calvary Bible College, and his master’s in Christian studies from Calvary Theological Seminary. He is currently working on a PhD in applied theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

With a heart to provide local churches with quality bible-centered tools and resources for evangelism and discipleship, D.A. has written a number of books.  His newest book Enter the Ring, takes a fresh, powerful, vulnerable approach to marriage by framing it as the fight that it is. The world uses different assaults and tactics to distract us, tempting us to walk away, in order to destroy our marriages. But there is hope: The constant forgiveness, grace, and intervention of God can preserve and protect us from not only the world but also ourselves.

He and his wife of twelve years, Elicia, have three precious children.